Ebony's Bbc Dream Comes True

Nera has always dreamed of having a BBC in her pussy. He had heard so much about their enormous size and the intense pleasure they gave women. When she finally met a man with a BBC, she knew she had to have him. The man was tall and muscular and had a huge cock that reached his knees. Ebony couldn't help but stare as he walked towards her. She could feel her pussy tingling just looking at him. He took her hand and led her into a private room. She followed him in and closed the door behind her. He turned to her and smiled. Are you ready to make your BBC dream come true? churches. Ebony nodded eagerly. He had been waiting for this moment for so long. He reached into his pants and pulled out his huge cock. It was even bigger than he had imagined. He pinned her to the bed and stood over her. She could feel the tip of his cock rubbing against her clit. You are ready? he asked again. Ebony nodded, her heart pounding with excitement. He slowly inserted his cock into her pussy inch by inch. She felt the stretch and fullness as he filled her. He started pushing slowly, pulling out and then sliding in. Ebony moaned in pleasure as he hit her sweet spot. She could feel the vibrations of his cock against her clit. He fucked her harder and faster, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. He felt like he was going to cum at any moment. Finally he orgasmed and ejaculated deep into her pussy. She felt the hot cum filling her and screamed in pleasure. He then rolled off of her and smiled. It was great, he said. Ebony nodded, still feeling the pleasure of his BBC in her pussy. “It was everything I dreamed of,” he said. And so both fell asleep exhausted after their intense sexual encounter. Ebony knew this would be a night she would never forget.

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