Rod's Bride

Rod was a young man who had just started his first job. He was excited about making his own money and dreamed of buying his own car and a big house. However, he was also very naive and had no idea what he was getting himself into. One day he met a beautiful young woman named Maria. She was new in town and had just started working at her own company. They quickly became close friends and began dating. At first, Rod was excited to be with Maria. She was everything he had ever wanted in a woman: beautiful, intelligent and kind. However, over time he noticed that she was a bit strange. He was always hiding something and often disappeared for hours. Despite his suspicions, Rod couldn't help but be attracted to Maria. He was so in love with her that he couldn't think straight. Whenever she was near, his heart pounded and his hands shook. One day Maria invited Rod to come to her apartment. She said she wanted to show him something special. Rod was hesitant at first, but the thought of seeing Maria naked was too tempting to resist. When he arrived, Maria led him to her bedroom. He closed the door behind him and began to undress. Rod watched in amazement as she undressed, revealing her beautiful body. Then Maria got down on her knees and started blowing Rod. He moaned in pleasure as she sucked his cock, sliding her lips up and down his shaft. She was so skilled at giving blowjobs that Rod felt like he was going to cum in her mouth. After the blowjob, Maria stood up and straddled Rod's lap. She began grinding her hips on his cock and clenching her pussy around him. Rod couldn't believe how good it felt to be inside her. Then Maria leaned in and kissed Rod deeply. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close, enjoying the feel of her body against his. They continued kissing and rubbing against each other until Rod couldn't take it anymore. He pulled out of Maria's pussy and started cumming on her. She screamed in pleasure as his cum hit her face and chest. auction

Duration: 18:55

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