Swallow Me, Bj

In this episode of Swallow Me, BJ we see the beautiful BJ being seduced by a mysterious woman. He leads BJ to a secluded area where he reveals his true intentions: to devour BJ whole. BJ is hesitant at first, but the woman's seductive look and sweet words soon captivate him. The woman begins to slowly lower BJ's head towards her open mouth and BJ can feel the heat of her lips and tongue on his neck. He takes a deep breath, closes his eyes and lets the woman guide him into her mouth. As BJ's head is swallowed whole, he feels the woman's mouth close around him and tighten as she begins to swallow him. BJ's body is slowly consumed by the woman and he feels her muscles tighten around him. The woman's lips are pressed against BJ's skin and he can hear her moans of pleasure as she swallows him deeper. BJ's body is crushed by the woman's powerful muscles and he feels his orgasm building. Just as BJ is about to cum, the woman suddenly stops swallowing and pulls it out of her mouth. BJ gasps, his body still vibrating from the intense pleasure he just felt. The woman looks at BJ, her eyes full of lust. She takes his cock in her hand, strokes it and brings it closer to her. Then she opens her mouth wide and swallows him whole again, this time even deeper than before. BJ's body is consumed by the woman's mouth and he feels her muscles contract around him. He cums deep into her throat and fills her with his hot sperm. The woman lets the blowjob fall out of her mouth, her eyes full of satisfaction. She takes a deep breath, closes her mouth and enjoys the taste of BJ's cum. BJ remains lying on the floor, his body still shaking from the intense pleasure he just felt. He looks up at the woman, his eyes full of gratitude and longing. “Thank you,” he says in a quiet voice. The woman smiles at him, her eyes fuller

Duration: 13:39

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