Teenage Sex Doll Likes It Rough

In this hot video we see an innocent looking young teenager acting wildly and violently with a sex doll. The girl with her long blonde hair and blue eyes can be seen in various positions, firmly grasping the doll. The video begins with the girl sitting on the edge of the bed and the doll lying on the floor. She reaches down, picks up the doll and with a determined look begins to slide the doll's head in and out of her pussy. The doll's rigid plastic body makes it easy for her to penetrate him deeply and she moans with pleasure as she does so. Next we see the girl standing and holding the doll against the wall as she uses her body weight to push the doll. against the wall. Her breasts bounce with every movement and her moans get louder as she gets closer to orgasm. The video continues with the girl in various positions as she firmly grabs the doll. We see her sitting on the bed with the doll between her legs, squeezing and rubbing it. We also see her lying on her back with the doll hovering over her as she spreads her legs and penetrates her deeply. The video ends with the girl lying on the bed with the doll still hovering over her. She closes her eyes and leans back as the doll's hard plastic body presses against her sensitive spots. She moans and cums as the doll continues to press against her until she orgasms. Overall, this video is a must watch for anyone who loves rough and wild sex. The teen's innocent look contrasts perfectly with the rough and wild action, making for a truly hot and steamy experience.

Duration: 10:35

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